Prof.Dr.Ir. Bonar Parlindungan Pasaribu

Disruption factor is not only based on technological change caused by industrial revolution 4.0, but also the change in demography structure, climate change, globalization, and the change of geopolitical map. Therefore, the strategy of universities to face disruption should be also paid attention to a number of those factors. There are several important steps should be done (Arif Satria, 2018) :

The change of mindset or orientation of university from “consumer” to “producer” in the form of idea, works, knowledge, theory or goods. This change will reflect the daily activity balance, is it more coloured by uploading activity or downloading activity.
The development of new science whis is more trans-discipline and research road map which is responsive to industrial revolution 4.0 and other disruption factors.
The curriculum should be transformed adaptively upon the growth of millenium generation and disruption challenges.
The learning technologies should be adaptive to millenium culture. Several worldly big campus have been developing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The Open University provide MOOCs service with subjects of Public Speaking, Marketing Management, Far Distance Education, Various Food Processing, and English for Children.
The university organization should be agile and active in terms of managing resources, catching new opportunities, and building collaborations.


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